Botnia Recon Group Oy

In CEO´s words.

It's happening!

A few years after my military service, I started doing volunteer national defense training. It was somewhere in 2008. 
After a weekend course in early 2013, when I was driving home with my friend. We kept talking about an idea: wouldn't it be nice to host our own recon courses with guns blazing and stuff. We had already started planning long term plans how to host these courses back then.


2013 we did it. It was rough but we did it.

2014 we did it twice.

2015 we did it three times, and were offered to be a part of bigger military training entity.

Then we did it a few times after that.

In our summer course in 2018, I had an idea: What if we sell recon courses and shooting courses by ourselves?

Then we started and organized one shooting event in 2018.

In October 2018, after a few more coincides, I had a chance to sell my own construction company which I started summer of 2010. I sold my company and started BRG, Botnia Recon Group.

And now it is here!

The main idea of Botnia Recon Group is to sell good quality products at a decent price. One of our goals is to find products that are not available here in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, or are too hard to get. We´re keeping a blog about product testing, and conducted courses to share our knowledge.

We know what we want and what our customers want. It is easy to choose products, when you have your own opinions and experience of what works and what doesn't. We don´t want to sell "everything" here. We will sell the best, handpicked products on the market.

We import and export whole sale products.
We represent leading brands in the industry. For example we are having co-operation with Husar.ltd and few Finnish brands.

BRG's main goal is not to be only a shop or an idea. It´s a group of volunteers having the same kind of background in military life. We want to learn and become better; to teach and support others to be the best of the best. This website is part of it, important, but not the whole thing.

For what the future holds…


Well, now we have your web-store nicely up and running over a year now.

We have lots of plans about the new products and courses.