Battle belt

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- BATTLE BELT 3.0 comes with inner belt and outer sleeve with molle which can be used in exchange with RANGE BELT

- Outer sleeve has Velcro hooks which attaches to the Velcro loops on the inner belt

- Inner belt can be used as regular trousers belt

- Sleeve have coutouts between molle to pass the inner belt outside for attaching holsters

- Zippers on the inner side of the sleeve allows to attach drop leg platforms directly to the inner belt

- Low profile design

- Sizes:

XS  65-75cm  26-30in

S  75-85cm 30-34in

M  85-100cm  34-39in

L  100-110cm 39-43in

XL  110-120cm 43-47in

XXL 120-130cm  47-51in